Kaş, Historical Past to Vibrant Present

Long before it was a picturesque fishing village on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, Kaş (pop. 8,500) was a port of call on ancient maritime trading routes. Fifth century BC Lycian tombs, a first century BC Hellenistic theatre, Roman cisterns, and mosques that were once Byzantine churches verify Kaş long and impressive history.

Tourism was inevitable but many holiday-makers became regular visitors and then residents. Newcomers are enchanted with the simple ethnic charm and beauty of Kaş and many have invested in property here and then began to think of Kaş as their home, or main residence.

The town still supports fishermen but has developed into a vibrant cosmopolitan community with good services, shops and restaurants. On Fridays, there is a colourful farmers' market, that has been established for over forty years. It is one of the best on the Mediterranean coast. The town's original wood-fired bread oven dates from 1846 and still cooks up traditional breads and, nowadays, pizzas.

Settling In Turkey

As Turkey edges closer to Europe, visas and residence permits and customs formalities will one day disappear.

This is not the case just yet and, prospective purchasers who want to buy or build houses, should expect a certain amount of bureaucracy. I offer up-to-date advice on land ownership and transfers, drawing up contracts, title deeds and building regulations and will see your puchase goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Your Consulate in Istanbul or Antalya is also an excellent source of advice on legal matters, residence requirements and working in Turkey.